Who we are

Chalotte, Teresa and Nick share a passion for learning, growing, and sharing with others. Our friendship began with a phone call between Chalotte and Teresa nearly 30 years ago. Chalotte and her husband were considering withdrawing from the Landmark Forum and Teresa convinced them not to.

Fast forward to 2005 and Chalotte and Teresa were leading relationships workshops together while Nick, having left as European Director of Landmark Education began delivering transformational and culture change programmes in large businesses around the world.

Throughout the years we have worked together and worked apart, but we have always stayed in touch and watched and supported each other as we have launched new endeavours, participated in new and exciting workshops and followed a path that included teaching, coaching, yoga, breathwork and meditation.

With so many successes and failures between us and years of promising to do more together we finally sat down and came up with “The Art of Undoing”.

Why undoing? As we learn, we also undo old learnings and old habits. Ones that have helped us in the past no longer help us in the present and the more we learn the more we see there is to undo.

After all, who wants to stay rooted in the past when life moves so fast and there are so many new discoveries, ways of working, ways of empowering ourselves and our loved ones and new scientific discoveries along the way to help with our growth and self-knowledge?

Between us, we have been blessed to deliver leadership and relationship programs and workshops, teach yoga, mindfulness, and meditation to thousands of people around the world. From board rooms and Spa Resorts to Zoom calls and cafés.

Now we look forward to our next venture at a time when we believe ‘undoing’ is the new ‘doing!’

Chalotte Inannah is a mother of three, a grandmother and a widow. She is Danish and lives in Gilleleje, Denmark. She started out as a curious child wanting to be happy and through her life she learned that it all starts with the self.

Chalotte is an international senior consultant and programme leader, mindfulness instructor, speaker, author and yoga teacher. Since 1996, Charlotte has coached and worked with more than 30,000 people in Denmark, Sweden, England, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands and helped individuals to realise their full potential and organizations with the challenges of change in order to remain adaptable and competitive. In 2012, she was selected, for her mindfulness teaching, as the Speaker and Trainer of the Year in the field of personal development, by CONFEX (training and development).

Perceptive, incisive, ruthlessly honest and professional, she is renowned for her compassionate approach and for producing outstanding results. She is the author of the book ”Det handler om Kærlighed”, (It’s about love), Magnolia Press 2009. As a yoga teacher and mindfulness instructor she integrates a holistic approach to life and leadership. She has led silence and mindfulness retreats in Greece and Spain since 2007

Chalotte speaks Danish, English, Italian and French.

Chalotte’s philosophy and material is shaped by many years of leaning from world reknowned leaders, coaches and educators such as Werner Erhard, Ekhart Tolle, Dr.Joe Dispenza and Gangaji and many others. She is driven to motivate, create results and make a difference using whichever method suits the client.

1996– 2003 Werner Erhard and Landmark Education

Chalotte developed herself to become the senior Landmark Seminar leader in Denmark and over the years led personal transformation seminars to thousands of people.

2007 –   Retreat holder

She has held more than 30 retreats in Denmark, Sweden, Greece and Spain. All including, meditation, yoga, mindfulness and personal development.

2008 – Spiritual Teachers: Gangaji and Eckhart Tolle

Chalotte’s spiritual journey began in 2008 what she met Eckhart Tolle in a 5 day retreat. She discovered the power of inner stillness and how to balance that with external motivations. Her years with Gangaji, a spiritual teacher, took me deeper into the world beyond the ego.

2008 – 2010 – Qualified as a Yoga teacher

500 hours training in Rishikesh, India and Gilleleje, Denmark.

2018 – Dr Joe Dispenza The teaching of neuroscience, quantum physics and psychoimmunology, which I implement it in my current, work of leadership training as well as embodying through the yoga.

Chalotte is also a relationship coach with unique material that can she delivers face to face as well as in a video package.

Corporate Training 2003 onwards

Clients include

ISS Denmark, Novo Nordisk, Novozymes,
Codan Forsikring RSA Group, Trygg Hansa, HK, Trendsales,D anske Bank, NETS, Aalborg Council,Copenhagen Council, Hvidovre Council, Helsingør Council, Aarhus Council,  Thorshavn Council, SEB, LC Leadership Forum,  Free School Leaders, DONG Energy,  Metroselskabet, Domstolsstyrelsen, UCN Aalborg,  SAS Radisson Blu Inspicos, NSS, Chr. Hansen A / S – Herning Court- Ålborg Court, Helsingør Court.


  • Coach / Mentor coach, LEI International
  • MBTI, OPP Assessment
  • EI Emotional Intelligence, HAY International


“It’s About Love”, Lemuel Books, 2009


Mindfulness Instructor

Seminar leader Landmark Education International

Oxford Leadership Academy SLP facilitator

Yoga & meditation teacher

Bachelor CBS, Economics, French & Italian

Bio kinesiologist

Co-host, Inspirational speaker, Yoga and Meditation teacher, author and Relationship Coach.

Born in West London, Nick now lives in Brighton, England; he is married and has 2 daughters. His hobbies include walking, cycling, travelling, meditating, time with his family and learning anything new about anything.

Nick has dedicated most of his working life to discovering what enables people to live happy, successful and fulfilled lives. While running a public education organisation Nick developed himself to become a trainer and teacher and has now led programmes to thousands of individuals and business groups in 20 countries around the world.

2020 –  Present day – In early 2020, Nick was trained along with 40 others to become a certified Neuro Change Solutions (NCS) Consultant, representing the work of Dr Joe Dispenza for companies and public groups. The workshops he now delivers are on-line or face to face and present new models for change based on Neuroscience and neurochemistry.

2010 – Present day –  Great Performance Group

Over the 10 years of launching and building Great Performance Group with Morgan Thomas, Nick has received a BSc in Psychology from the Open University, become an accredited C-me profile coach, a Licensed Emotional Intelligence coach, a certified Neuro Change Solutions consultant and a certified HeartMath consultant. This ten-year period saw a time of freedom, creativity and the discovery of many new ways to empower people through profiling, neuroscience, breath work and meditation. During this time, he partnered a company that grew during a recession and continued to grow by word of mouth for 10 years. This time period included work with thousands of senior leaders in major construction companies, retail giants and multinational insurance companies across the UK, Holland and Canada.

1990 – 2010 – Public and Corporate Training and Coaching

1987 – 2005 Landmark Education
After starting work as a trainer in the airline industry, Nick became fascinated by what makes people tick and began an exploration into personal development and transformation. Soon after participating in the Landmark Forum in 1987, Nick became a founder member and Country Manager of Landmark Education in 1990.

Over the next 10 years Nick both ran and expanded the UK operation while also being trained to lead three of Landmark public programmes and delivering transformational tools to thousands of Landmark graduates. In the following 5 years Nick was the European Director, becoming accountable for operations in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, France, Denmark, and Sweden.

After leaving the public programme arena in 2005, Nick entered the corporate training world and worked with international consulting company JMW Consultants. Here Nick quickly became a Senior Consultant and designed, managed, and led programmes and workshops to executive groups around the world. 

He has designed and led workshops and programmes for culture change, sustainable growth, health and safety, productivity and many more for senior leaders in organisations such as Schiphol Airport, Nationale Nederland, Aegon, Shell, Rio Tinto, Van Oord, Skanska, Laing O’Rourke, Ferrovial and more.

Certified NCS and HeartMath Consultant, Mentor, inspirational speaker, Co-host

Teresa lives between Brighton in the U.K. and Catalunya, Spain, is married to Nick and has two adult daughters. Teresa began working with Chalotte over 30 years ago and despite living in different countries their partnership has continuously changed and grown.

Prior to joining together as the Sophia Instituttet, Teresa has spent much of the last 20 years multi tasking as a mother, business owner and partner in many ventures such as a home catering business, freelance translating, relationships course leader, yoga retreat organiser and board member and head of refugee and childrens charities. In a previous life, Teresa was a Spanish teacher and worked as a customer services manager and led various communication and leadership programmes for Landmark Education.

In fitting with her skills, Teresa’s role with the Art of Undoing’ is one of being a teacher, mentor, customer services manager as well as management, marketing and financial organiser. Teresa also acts as the retreat venue liaison and host for Sophia Instituttet and ensures that each person’s needs are met before they arrive and as they leave.

Event organiser, Customer support, Co-host and facilitator.